About ApeSoft
Excel-based business intelligence for everyone in the company
Overview. Good decisions require the right information and sufficient time to understand that information. We are committed to helping companies have more of both - information and time. DataCycle Reporting is an easy-to-use reporting platform that automates many of the tedious manual tasks associated with Excel reporting. Using built-in wizards and visual report builders, report developers can often have their first reports up and running in a few hours. Also, because DataCycle Reporting is server-based, there is no software for end users to install or maintain. All they need is Excel.
ApeSoft Products:
  • DataCycle Reporting - an easy-to-use business intelligence, reporting and Excel automation software solution.
  • DataCycle MyVision - an easy-to-use Web reporting portal for creating and sharing graphically rich reports in Excel.
Company Facts:
  • More than 300 customers worldwide
  • More then 6,000 users collectively
  • Founded in 1994
  • Offices in Washington DC, Barcelona and Madrid
  • Operating in 10 countries through a network of qualified resellers, partners and OEMs
Next Steps