Business intelligence alerting (or operational alerting) is an advanced reporting technique that can save significant time and resources. Rather than viewing daily or weekly reports (or in addition to them), DataCycle Reporting monitors your business data and notifies the appropriate users about critical business situations.
Notifications are based on thresholds set by the report developer. When key metrics have passed the thresholds, a message is automatically sent to the appropriate users via email or SMS (text message).
Easy to set up. It is very easy to set up automated alerts in DataCycle Reporting. Simply define the metrics, the thresholds and the intended users. DataCycle Reporting does the rest.
Automatic delivery. Once set up, alerts will be sent directly to the intended recipient automatically by email or text message (SMS). With alerting, end users no longer have to pour over endless reports and data to try to find critical situations. Now they are delivered automatically as they happen.
  • For the Controller - Cash on hand has fallen below 45 days expenses
  • For the Sales Rep - A key customer has called the Support Center 5 times today
  • For the Production Manager - Current orders exceed inventory by 10%
  • For the HR Manager - Absenteeism has reached 15% in the busiest manufacturing plant
Benefits of alerting:
  • Find problems early - Quickly identify trends of metrics and KPIs that need immediate attention.
  • Prevents information overload - Managers and decision-makers only get the information they need when they need it.
  • Allows Management by Exception - Rather than getting lost in all of the, often irrelevant details of the data, now you can focus on the exception cases.
  • Saves valuable time - Instead of waiting for reports and pouring over them once they arrive, now you will only be notified when a critical situation arises.

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