Busy executives and decision-makers like you need up-to-the-minute information for maximizing opportunities and managing crises. Automated, daily dashboard reports provide a snapshot of your key business metrics and performance indicators for day-to-day decisions.
At-a-Glance Insight. Interactive, executive dashboards bring essential information about your business’s performance directly to your attention in this automated daily report. The executive dashboard -- a combination of charts, tables, gauges, and maps in a single, at-a-glance view -- provides the crucial details you need to react quickly in any situation.
Sample Easy Dashboard from DataCycle Reporting from ApeSoft, a complete Excel Reporting, Excel Dashboards and Excel Automation solution Dynamic Data Visualization. Executive dashboards (aka digital dashboards) are highly visual reports that display your company’s key data in a user-friendly way. DataCycle Reporting, an Excel-based business intelligence tool, allows non-technical professionals to receive dynamic executive dashboards automatically. These daily reports allow hundreds of individuals to access information in the same format, so that all your key players are on the same page.
Excel-based Dashboards. Based on Excel, DataCycle Reporting business intelligence leverages your existing investment in Excel and email, with no license cost per end user. Users only need Excel - no plug-ins or other software - and minimal training, saving your company time and money.
Key features:
  • Unique information channel as a single point of truth: automated access to multiple data sources ensures the most current and reliable information
  • Pixel-perfect reporting: reports use your corporate layouts and formats for online display and printing
  • Customized content: data from multiple sources are compiled and targeted to various departments and specific individuals
  • Multidimensional Cubes: data are manipulated and analyzed from different perspectives
  • Scheduled report execution: end users automatically generate and deliver reports via email
  • Integration with Excel: easy-to-use query wizard and report designer provide advanced reporting and display via Excel
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