DataCycle Reporting is an easy-to-use business intelligence, reporting and Excel Automation solution.
It combines the familiarity of Excel with the power of business intelligence reporting platform.
  • 100% Excel: users love the simple and familiar interface, so there’s no need for end-user training.
  • Unlimited user licensing: users only need Excel - no add-ins or plug-ins and no license costs per end user.
  • Scheduled, automatically generated reports: end user reporting can be set up daily, weekly, or monthly - whenever decision-makers need the information.
  • Automated "multi-reporting": customized reports based on user profile without the complexity of managing different report templates for each user. For example, a sales rep can get a sales report showing data from his territory. A sales manager can get the exact same report with data from his region, with drill-downs to individual sales reps. And, a VP of sales can ge the exact same report with global data.
  • Automatic alerting: data monitoring helps you stay ahead of trends and opportunities by automatically notifying users about critical situations.
  • Native support for common report formats: Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, and Access.
  • Access to virtually any data source via ODBC: data can be stored in Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, AS400 or many other ERP systems and databases.
  • Easily combine data from disparate sources into a single report: automated access pulls data from all sources into a unique information channel for business intelligence reports in Excel.
  • Easily reuse existing Excel reports: DataCycle Reporting allows you to develop standardized reports using your existing corporate layouts and formats.
  • Automated pivot tables: automatically populated pivot tables provides multidimensional (OLAP) analysis within Excel without complex data models.
  • Dynamic dashboard charts: Since DataCycle Reporting is 100% Excel-based, all charts and graphs are dynamically linked to your data and formulas.

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