DataCycle Reporting, a powerful report generation and distribution engine, is an enterprise reporting tool that works with Excel’s functionality. It creates business intelligence reports that integrate data from ERP, CRM, and other databases, and invoicing and billing systems, into Excel.
Excel Automation. Companies can create a full range of reports, leveraging Excel automation capabilities, from detailed, operational reports for department heads to visually rich reports with data summarized for executives and decision-makers. A comprehensive enterprise reporting tool that uses Excel automation eliminates many problems caused by manual data reporting, saving your company time and money.
Cost Effective Reporting. DataCycle Reporting automates report creation and design, data gathering, report distribution, and report customization for specific audiences. It also leverages your existing investment in Excel and email: no license costs per end user, no additional software to buy, and little training required.
Access Multiple Data Sources. DataCycle Reporting pulls data from all your company’s data sources, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the data for better informed managerial decisions. It then compiles this information, taking advantage of Excel automation functions, into standardized reports and dashboards generated and delivered on the schedule you choose. Reports and alerts can be viewed via email or internet.
Key features of Enterprise Reporting with DataCycle Reporting:
  • Unique information channel as a single point of truth: automated access to multiple data sources ensures the most current and reliable information
  • Pixel-perfect reporting: reports use your corporate layouts and formats for online display and printing
  • Customized content: data from multiple sources are compiled and targeted to various departments and specific individuals
  • Multi-dimensional data analysis: data are manipulated and analyzed from different perspectives
  • Scheduled report execution: end users automatically generate and deliver reports via email
  • Integration with Excel: easy-to-use query wizard and report designer provide advanced reporting and display via Excel
  • Unlimited user licensing: Unlike many other enterprise reporting tools, DataCycle Reporting offers unlimited end user licensing so that the solution will grow cost effectively as your needs grow.

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