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Grifols chooses Apesoft for hospital logistics reporting
ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- (Marketwire - Month date, 2009) - Grifols, a Spanish holding specialised in the pharmaceutical-hospital sector and present in more than 90 countries, has gone for DataCycle Reporting and DataCycle MyVision solutions to integrate them with their Hospital Logistics solutions.
The project requirements consisted of having a standard adapted and parameterized market solution to become a part of the solution supplied by Grifols to its end clients, in other words, it had to be an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution that could be integrated as its own product in the Grifols offer. After studying several alternatives, Grifols decided to purchase the global solution proposed by Apesoft, which included the products from the DataCycle Suite; DataCycle Reporting, as a generator, planner and distributor of reports in HTML, Pdf and Excel format, and DataCycle MyVision, that allows the access via web to reports, that are both pre-generated and executable on demand. It also included an optimization project of the databases and parameterization of the final reports needed.
The technological solution offered by Apesoft was the one that best fitted Grifols needs and requirements, above all for its simplicity of usage, quick start up, low training costs, minimum technological impact for the end user and capacity for generating reports in multiple formats such as Html, Pdf and Excel, amongst other features and advantages. It must also be pointed out that the new solution had to fulfil a basic requirement for Grifols: It needed an agile software mechanism to provide a quick response to all of its clients. In this sense, the project proposed by Apesoft did not include any custom designs, and was completely based on the standard DataCycle suite products, which enabled significant maintenance cost savings.
Furthermore, Apesoft’s development and support center is based in Spain, very near to the client, and could therefore respond really quickly to any requirement or request from Grifols. The start up was planned starting a pilot test in two strategic hospitals given their volume and complexity, one in Barcelona and the other in Madrid. When this first phase of the project was successfully finished, the deployment of the solution started in other hospitals who already have Hospital Logistics solutions, which underlines the excellent integration of the Apesoft solution with the aforementioned Grifols’ solutions. Grifols distributes all this technology under its own trademark, Global Analyst® Pro, to make it more accessible to the hospital sector and to give it the added value needed to associate it correctly to the Hospital Logistics solutions supplied by the multinational.

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