Press Release
Kelley Fleet Services selects DataCycle Reporting from Apesoft
ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- (Marketwire - Month date, 2009) - KFS focuses on world-class, customized service for large fleet operations. Clients from around the world work directly with the KFS Executive Team, who oversees a streamlined and efficient operation.
Kelley Fleet Services started in 1999 and has experienced a meteoric growth in the last years. In order to meet the company’s requirements regarding maximization of profits and competitiveness, and providing accountability to Management and investors KFS needed to consolidate data from the multiple systems, provide data in an actionable and flexible format (Excel based graphical dashboard and other relevant reports) reducing delays in the provision of P&L and other key data.
DataCycle Reporting’s easy of use, quick implementation and fast results have convinced Kelley Fleet Services Management Team, who also sees benefits like reducing redundancies, delays, errors and omissions associated with periodic standard report creation and distribution as well as manual processes , improving support for Executive planning and decision making. KFS has immediate plans to automate management Dashboards and improve dynamic reporting, to allow other key users within the company take advantage of DataCycles analytical capabilities.
Next Steps