Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation tool in the world. It is used for everything from sales presentations and project reviews to board presentations and investor meetings. Even though PowerPoint is easy to use, repetitive creation of of slides can be tedious and time consuming. Some PowerPoint presentations contain a lot of charts, graphs and tables of data pulled from corporate systems and databases. Manually gathering this data, cleansing it and creating meaningful visuals can be challenging or even impossible for some users.
Automate your data-intensive slides. DataCycle Reporting from ApeSoft takes the pain out of manual PowerPoint reporting by automating the process for you. DataCycle Reporting will automatically pull data from corporate systems and databases, generate the corresponding charts, graphs and tables and save the results right in your PowerPoint template. It will even email the slides to your list of recipients.
Avoid the problems of manual PowerPoint reporting. With PowerPoint Automation, you can significantly reduce the amount of time your organization collectively spends updating, fine-tuning and distributing PowerPoint reports. DataCycle Reporting gives you centralized and secure data access, a complete range of charts, graphs and tables and automated distribution of reports.
Advantages of PowerPoint Automation:
  • Save time by developing standardized PowerPoint reports: users can reuse existing reports, avoiding repetitive manual tasks such as formatting and data validation. This is great for sales presentations and board meetings
  • Avoid errors from manual data gathering: automated access pulls data from all sources into a unique information channel for PowerPoint reports
  • Combine data from multiple sources, including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, AS400, spreadsheets and other formats into a single PowerPoint report file
  • Leverage existing PowerPoint templates: you can automate standardized reports using your corporate layouts and formats
  • Scheduled report delivery: end-user PowerPoint reporting can be set up daily, weekly, or monthly - whenever decision makers need the information
  • Save training time and cost: users already know how to use PowerPoint, and they love the simple and familiar interface, so there’s no need for end-user training
  • Save money on reporting software: unlimited user licensing means that your company needs only PowerPoint - no add-ins or plug-ins and no license costs per end user
  • Avoid complexity with an enterprise reporting tool that maximizes PowerPoint and Excel automation: easy-to-use query wizard and report designer provide advanced reporting capabilities

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