Free Procrastination Apps

Free Procrastination Apps: Beating the Delay Game


Procrastination is something most people struggle with at some point. You have some work to complete, and you know that it is due soon. But, for some reason, you can’t seem to find the motivation to begin. Instead, you put it off till the last minute, causing undue stress and compromising on the quality of work. The fact is that we have so many distractions around us: social media, endless emails, and notifications from various apps, which keep us from focusing on tasks. Luckily, a wealth of free tools can help us overcome this bad habit and save us from falling prey to the procrastination trap.

10 Free Procrastination Apps

1. Focus@Will

Focus@Will is a productivity app that plays music designed to improve focus and productivity. It uses music based on neuroscience and psychology to keep you focused and reduce distractions. The app has a 14-day free trial, letting you test-run it before committing to a subscription.

One of the free features of the app is the timer function, which allows you to work in intervals, making it easier to manage time and remain productive.

2. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that helps you organize your tasks into boards, each with various checklists and tasks. It is an excellent tool for users who work with a team, as it allows everyone to have an overview of what is happening concerning the project. The app is free with some premium features, including templates and the power-ups for customization.

With Trello, you can break your tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps, which makes it easier to keep track of the progress you’re making, thereby reducing the chances of procrastination.

3. Forest: Stay Focused

Forest is a unique productivity app that combines the Pomodoro technique with a gamified woodland theme. The app has a timer, and while it runs, you plant a digital tree in the app. If you leave the app before the time is up, your tree dies. The app has a built-in locking mechanism preventing you from using other apps during the timer.

The app is free, and it’s a fun way to stay motivated and focused on the task at hand, knowing that your focus is saving the life of a virtual tree.

4. Be Focused

Be Focused is a time management app that helps kick procrastination to the curb with its unique Pomodoro timer. The app allows you to set timers for work and breaks and shows how much time you have left on each task. The app is free, but with in-app purchases, you can unlock its full potential.

The app also has a feature where you can group your tasks by project, making it easier for you to prioritize your work and tackle them one at a time.

5. RescueTime

RescueTime is a productivity app that helps you identify where you spend your time online. The app runs in the background quietly tracking the sites you visit and the amount of time spent on each one. It produces weekly reports that show you how much time you spent on productive or unproductive websites and apps.

The app is free, and the insight it provides helps you identify bad habits and make better choices on how to spend your time.

6. Focus Timer: Pomodoro Timer

The Focus Timer app is a Pomodoro technique app that helps you work in intervals of 25 minutes followed by a five-minute break. It’s a proven method of managing your time, reducing the chances of procrastination, and increasing productivity. The app is free to download on Google Play Store.

The app has various features such as customization of the timer, daily progress tracking function, and data export, among others.

7. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is a mindfulness app that shows you how to meditate and live mindfully. It is proven that meditation and mindfulness help reduce stress, increase productivity, and boost your creativity. The app has a range of free and paid features, including guided meditations, sleep sounds, and motivational videos.

The free version provides a selection of guided meditations that you can use any time you feel distracted, and it helps you gather your thoughts and stay focused.

8. Cold Turkey Blocker

Cold Turkey Blocker is a desktop application that restricts access to websites and apps that prevent you from staying productive. You input the sites you want to avoid—social media, YouTube, and other time-wasting websites. You set a timer giving yourself a set amount of time to work uninterrupted. During that time, the program blocks the designated sites.

The app has a free version that allows you to block up to 10 websites for an unlimited amount of time, making it possible to stay on task without getting distracted by things online.

9. Evernote

Evernote is a notetaking app that allows you to capture ideas, information, and to-do lists all in one place. With Evernote, you can write notes, documents, and ideas, take pictures, and save web pages. The app is free, but with premium, you can unlock features such as annotating pdf files and set reminders.

Having everything in one place means that you don’t have to keep switching applications, which can be a distraction in itself.

10. MyStudyLife

MyStudyLife is a free app that helps you organize your study schedule and stay on task. The app allows you to set reminders for assignments, class times, and exam dates. You can also add notes to each event, add tasks and deadlines, and create to-do lists.

The app helps make planning your studies more manageable, ensuring you do not miss a deadline and are not procrastinating.


Procrastination can seem like a never-ending cycle, but luckily there are free apps available that can help you break free from it. With the above list of apps, there is no longer an excuse not to stay focused, manage your time better, and ultimately be more productive. By using any of these apps regularly, you will notice that your focus and productivity will improve, and you’ll be on your way to achieving every goal you set.


1. Do these apps require a subscription to use?

No, there are free versions of these apps available, but some also have premium features that require payment.

2. Can I use these apps on my phone?

Most of these apps are available on both Android and IOS platforms.

3. Can these apps help me stop procrastinating altogether?

While these apps can help you to be more productive, there is no magic app that can solve procrastination altogether. It is up to you to remain committed to the goal and use these apps as an aid towards achieving it.