Hack Or Slash Podcast

The Hack Or Slash Podcast: A Deep Dive into Horror Movies

Do you love horror movies? Want to listen to some expert opinions on the scariest movies out there? Look no further than the Hack Or Slash podcast, a show dedicated to exploring the world of horror films, dissecting what makes them work (or not), and diving deep into the history and culture of the genre. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the show, its hosts, and why it should be at the top of your podcast queue.

What is the Hack Or Slash Podcast?

The Hack Or Slash podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Alyson and Andrew, two self-proclaimed horror movie enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Each episode, they choose a different movie (or set of movies) to watch and discuss in depth, covering everything from plot to characters to cinematography. They also explore related topics such as horror film festivals, the history of slashers, and the best horror video games.

One of the unique aspects of the Hack Or Slash podcast is its focus on the subgenres of horror, such as found footage, ghost stories, and creature features. Alyson and Andrew are experts on all of these and more, and each episode gives listeners a chance to learn something new about the horror world while also enjoying some entertaining banter.

Why Listen to the Hack Or Slash Podcast?

So why should you add the Hack Or Slash podcast to your rotation? Here are just a few of the reasons:

1. Expert Knowledge: Alyson and Andrew are passionate about horror movies and it shows. They have a deep knowledge of the genre, from iconic franchises like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street to lesser-known gems that deserve more attention. They’re also not afraid to offer honest critiques of movies that fall short.

2. Entertaining Banter: Listening to the Hack Or Slash podcast feels like hanging out with two friends who love horror movies as much as you do. Their playful back-and-forth makes each episode fun and engaging, even for listeners who may not be experts on the genre.

3. Diverse Range of Topics: While the focus of the Hack Or Slash podcast is horror movies, the hosts aren’t afraid to explore related topics such as video games and conventions. This makes for a well-rounded listening experience that keeps things fresh and interesting.

4. Discover New Movies: Even hardcore horror fans may not have seen every movie covered on the Hack Or Slash podcast. Each episode provides an opportunity to discover a new gem and expand your knowledge of the genre.

Who are the Hosts?

Alyson and Andrew are the dynamic duo behind the Hack Or Slash podcast. Here’s a little more about each of them:

Alyson is a self-proclaimed “horror addict” with a love for all things spooky. She’s been a fan of the genre since childhood and has amassed an impressive knowledge of horror movies over the years. In addition to co-hosting the Hack Or Slash podcast, she’s also an avid blogger, writing about horror movies and culture on her personal website.

Andrew is a filmmaker and screenwriter who brings a unique perspective to the podcast. His background in film production gives him an eye for detail that’s invaluable when analyzing the technical aspects of horror movies. He’s also a horror fan and frequently attends genre conventions and screenings.

Together, Alyson and Andrew make an excellent team, offering a balance of knowledge and entertainment that makes the Hack Or Slash podcast a must-listen for horror fans.

How to Listen to the Hack Or Slash Podcast

The Hack Or Slash podcast is available on a variety of platforms, including:

– Apple Podcasts
– Spotify
– Google Podcasts
– Stitcher
– Soundcloud

Listeners can also visit the Hack Or Slash website to stream episodes directly from their browser. The podcast is completely free to listen to, and new episodes are released every Wednesday.


Is the Hack Or Slash podcast suitable for all ages?
No, the podcast discusses horror movies which can contain graphic violence and adult themes. It is recommended for listeners over the age of 18.

Do Alyson and Andrew give spoilers for the movies they discuss?
Yes, the hosts do go into detail about the plot of each movie they discuss, so spoiler-sensitive listeners may want to watch the movie before listening to the episode.

Are there any special episodes or guests on the Hack Or Slash podcast?
Yes, the hosts occasionally have special guests on the show, such as horror filmmakers and actors. They also do special episodes, such as their annual Halloween episode where they discuss their favorite spooky movies to watch during the holiday.

Closing Thoughts

The Hack Or Slash podcast is a fantastic resource for horror fans looking for expert opinions on the scariest movies out there. Alyson and Andrew bring a wealth of knowledge and entertainment to each episode, making for a fun and educational listening experience. So if you’re a fan of horror movies, be sure to give the Hack Or Slash podcast a listen – you won’t be disappointed.