Hacks In Slap Battles

Hacks in Slap Battles: Tricks to Dominate Your Opponent

Slap battles are an underground event that has gained a lot of attention on social media lately. These battles involve two individuals sitting across from each other and taking turns slapping each other in the face until one of them taps out or is knocked out. It may seem barbaric, but it has become a popular way for people to test their pain tolerance and show off their toughness.

If you’re looking to participate in a slap battle, you need to understand that it’s not just about physical strength. It’s also about strategy and tactics. In this article, we’ll be discussing some hacks that can give you an advantage over your opponent in a slap battle.

1. Strengthen Your Neck Muscles

One of the most important aspects of slap battles is having a strong neck. The neck muscles act as a shock absorber, reducing the impact of the slap on your head and brain. Strengthening your neck muscles can help you take harder hits without getting knocked out.

To strengthen your neck, you can do exercises like neck curls, head lifts, and neck bridges. These exercises can be done with or without weights and should be done regularly to see results.

2. Protect Your Jaw

Your jaw is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body during a slap battle. If you get hit in the jaw, it can easily knock you out. To protect your jaw, you should learn how to clench your jaw muscles tightly before getting hit. This can help absorb the impact of the slap and protect your jaw.

You can also try using mouthguards or biting down on something during the slap. This can help protect your teeth and jaw from the impact of the slap.

3. Use Distraction Techniques

Distraction techniques can be a great way to throw your opponent off guard and gain an advantage. Some distraction techniques you can use during a slap battle include:

– Fainting: You can fake fainting just before your opponent slaps you. This can cause your opponent to hesitate, giving you an opportunity to strike back.

– Fake-out: You can pretend to go for a slap but hold back at the last moment. This can cause your opponent to flinch or move away, creating an opening for you to strike.

– Verbal distraction: You can talk to your opponent in a calm and friendly manner, distracting them from the impending slap. This can create confusion and give you an opening to strike.

4. Choose Your Position Wisely

The position you choose during a slap battle can make a big difference in your performance. You should try to position yourself in a way that gives you an advantage over your opponent.

For example, you can try standing slightly to the side instead of directly in front of your opponent. This can make it harder for them to hit your jaw and give you a better chance of blocking the hit.

5. Control Your Breathing

It’s important to keep your breathing under control during a slap battle. If you get hit hard, it can cause you to lose your breath, making it harder to recover from the hit.

To control your breathing, you should take deep breaths before the slap and try to exhale during the hit. This can help reduce the impact of the slap on your body and help you recover more quickly.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any other sport or activity, practice is key to improving your performance in a slap battle. You should practice your techniques and strategies regularly to build up your strength, endurance, and reaction time.

Practice with a partner who can give you feedback on your performance and help you improve your techniques. You can also watch videos of other slap battles to learn from the tactics used by other players.


What are some common mistakes to avoid in a slap battle?

One of the most common mistakes in a slap battle is underestimating your opponent. You should never assume that your opponent is weaker than you or that they won’t hit as hard as you. Another common mistake is leaving yourself open to a counter-attack by not protecting your face or head.

What can I do to recover quickly from a hard hit?

If you get hit hard during a slap battle, it’s important to take some time to recover. You should try to control your breathing and focus on relaxing your muscles. You can also take deep breaths or sip water to help calm your nerves and reduce the impact of the hit on your body.

Is it safe to participate in a slap battle?

Slap battles can be dangerous, and participants should be aware of the risks involved. It’s important to wear protective gear, like mouthguards and helmets, to reduce the risk of injury. It’s also important to know your limits and to tap out if you’re feeling too much pain or discomfort.


Slap battles can be an exciting and challenging way to test your pain tolerance and toughness. However, it’s important to remember that they can also be dangerous and should be approached with caution. By following the hacks discussed in this article, you can improve your performance and increase your chances of success in a slap battle. Remember to always prioritize safety and to know your limits. Happy slapping!