How Much Is Huge Hacked Cat Worth

How Much Is Huge Hacked Cat Worth?

Did you know that digital art could cost millions of dollars? In recent years, there has been a surge in the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are a form of digital art. This art can be anything from a tweet to a virtual land, a video game asset to a music album. One such digital art that has made headlines lately is ‘Huge Hacked Cat.’ So, how much is Huge Hacked Cat worth? Let’s find out!

What is Huge Hacked Cat?

Huge Hacked Cat is a digital artwork created by Trevor Jones and FEWOCIOUS. The artwork consists of a cartoonish-looking cat with eight arms, standing against a neon-colored background. The artwork was first sold as an NFT on KnownOrigin in March 2021 for 25 ETH, which was equivalent to approximately $46,000 at the time. However, the artwork gained more recognition when it was auctioned off on Christie’s in May 2021. The NFT sold for a whopping $1.6 million, making it one of the most expensive NFTs to date.

Huge Hacked Cat

Why is Huge Hacked Cat Worth So Much?

The value of any artwork boils down to the concept of supply and demand. The same principle applies to NFTs as well. While NFTs are still a relatively new concept, the hype around them grows every day, leading to high demand and prices for unique digital assets. Huge Hacked Cat became popular among art collectors and investors for several reasons.

Firstly, the artwork was created by two highly regarded artists in the NFT art community, Trevor Jones and FEWOCIOUS. Both artists have a sizable following and have created several notable NFT artworks in the past. Their collaboration ensured that the artwork would receive significant attention from the community.

Secondly, the artwork itself is unique and visually appealing. The neon-colored background coupled with the cartoonish cat creates a unique aesthetic that is visually attractive. Furthermore, the cat has eight arms, which adds a level of intrigue and uniqueness to the artwork.

Thirdly, the fact that the artwork was sold via a prestigious art auction house such as Christie’s added more credibility to the artwork’s value. Art collectors and investors view auction houses as a mark of quality, ensuring that the artwork has significant value in the market.

Lastly, the increase in the prevalence of cryptocurrency and the acceptance of NFTs as a legitimate art form allowed the sale to happen. With cryptocurrencies gaining mainstream recognition in recent years, it is easier than ever before to purchase NFTs. This acceptance and ease of access have made NFTs more valuable and lucrative.

Factors Affecting The Value Of NFTs

While the artwork itself plays an essential role in determining the value of an NFT, several other factors can impact its cost. One such factor is the artist’s reputation, similar to the traditional art market. NFTs created by well-known artists or artists with a significant following tend to fetch a higher price than those created by lesser-known artists.

Another factor is rareness. The more unique an NFT, the more valuable it becomes, as it is harder to find a comparable asset. The rarity of an NFT can also be based on the number of editions released or how the artwork is created. For example, an NFT created using a unique method or technology may be considered rare, leading to a higher price.

The history of an artwork also plays a crucial role. If an NFT has a significant history behind it, such as a previous sale, or being associated with a significant event, it could boost the value of the asset.

Finally, the platform on which the NFT is sold can also contribute to its value. Auction houses, as previously mentioned, are generally viewed as a mark of quality, and therefore NFTs sold through them will command a higher price.

The Future of NFTs

The NFT art market has exploded in recent years, with a growing number of artists creating unique digital assets. The market is attracting a new generation of collectors, investors, and enthusiasts, leading to a new approach to art ownership.

While the hype around NFTs is still relatively new, it’s unclear whether the market’s growth will continue at the same pace. However, it is evident that NFTs have opened up opportunities for artists to sell digital art in an entirely different manner. The ease of access and the ability to sell artwork globally has created a new revenue stream for both established and up-and-coming artists.


In conclusion, Huge Hacked Cat by Trevor Jones and FEWOCIOUS is one of the most expensive NFTs sold to date, with a final sale price of $1.6 million. The artwork’s value was determined by several factors such as the reputation of the artists, the artwork’s uniqueness, the platform on which it was sold, and the hype around NFTs.

While the future of NFTs is uncertain, one thing is for sure, the market is here to stay, and it’s exciting to see how it evolves in the coming years.


What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets secured by blockchain technology. They can be anything such as art, music, videos, tweets, or even virtual land.

Why are NFTs valuable?

The value of an NFT depends on several factors such as the artist’s reputation, the rarity of the digital asset, the history of the asset, and the platform on which it’s sold.

What is the most expensive NFT ever sold?

The most expensive NFT ever sold was by digital artist Beeple, titled “Everydays: The First 5000 days.” It was sold at Christie’s for an astounding $69 million.