How To Get Rom Hacks On Switch

How To Get Rom Hacks On Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most successful consoles in recent years and has garnered a massive following in the gaming community. With its unique blend of home console and portable gaming capabilities, the Switch has found a place in the hearts of gamers across the globe. However, for many gamers, the Switch’s lack of backwards compatibility and limited selection of games can be a major drawback. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem – rom hacks.

In this article, we’ll explore how to get rom hacks on your Nintendo Switch, step-by-step, and answer some common questions you might have.

What are rom hacks?

Before we dive into the process of getting rom hacks on your Switch, let’s first discuss what rom hacks actually are.

A rom hack is a modified version of a video game that has been edited, altered, or enhanced in some way by fans or developers. These modifications can range from small tweaks, like changing character names or altering dialogue, to major changes, like adding new levels, characters, or game mechanics.

Rom hacks are typically distributed as patches, or “mods,” that must be applied to the original game file. Once the patch has been applied, the game is effectively transformed into a new experience that can offer players a fresh perspective on an old favorite or create entirely new gameplay experiences.

Is it legal to use rom hacks on the Switch?

Before we get started, it’s important to understand the legal implications of using rom hacks on your Nintendo Switch.

In most cases, downloading and playing rom hacks is technically illegal, as it involves the use of copyrighted material without permission or licensing from the original copyright holder. However, the legality of rom hacks can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of game being modified, the intended use of the mod, and the jurisdiction in which the mod is being downloaded or distributed.

That being said, many rom hacks exist in a legal gray area and are unlikely to result in any legal action against the user. As always, use your best judgment and proceed at your own risk.

How to get rom hacks on your Switch

Now that we have discussed what rom hacks are and the legal implications of using them, let’s dive into the process of getting rom hacks on your Switch.

Step 1: Prepare your Switch

Before you can start playing rom hacks on your Switch, there are a few prerequisites that you will need to take care of first. For starters, you will need a Switch that has been modded or “jailbroken.” Modding your Switch involves installing custom firmware that gives you more control over the console and allows you to run homebrew apps, emulators, and rom hacks.

If you haven’t already modded your Switch, there are a number of guides and tutorials available online that can walk you through the process. However, it’s important to note that modding your Switch can be risky and may void your warranty, so proceed at your own risk.

Step 2: Choose your rom hack

Once you have a modded Switch, the next step is to choose a rom hack that you want to play. There are countless rom hacks available for a wide variety of games, so take your time and find one that piques your interest.

Some popular rom hacks include Super Mario Odyssey: 64, which is a fan-made mod that brings the classic gameplay of Super Mario 64 to the Switch; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Infinite Weapons Mod, which adds an unlimited durability option for weapons; and Pokemon Let’s Go GBA, which is a rom hack of the popular Nintendo Switch game that brings the classic gameplay of the Game Boy Advance Pokemon games to the Switch.

Once you have chosen the rom hack you want to play, download the patch file from a reputable source. Make sure the patch is compatible with the version of the game you own, as patch files can be specific to certain game versions and regions.

Step 3: Apply the rom hack patch

Now that you have chosen your rom hack and downloaded the patch file, the next step is to apply the patch to the original game file. To do this, you will need a patching tool like Lunar IPS, which is a popular tool used for patching roms.

Using the patching tool, select the original game file, followed by the patch file you downloaded earlier. The tool will then apply the patch to the game file, creating a new, modified version of the game.

Step 4: Transfer the rom hack to your Switch

With the rom hack patch applied to the game file, the next step is to transfer the game to your Switch. One way to do this is by using an SD card. Simply copy the modified game file onto the SD card and insert it into your Switch.

Another option is to use a program like Goldleaf, which is a homebrew app that allows you to install and manage games on your Switch. To use Goldleaf, connect your Switch to your computer and open the Goldleaf app. From there, select the option to install a game, followed by the modified game file you created earlier.

Step 5: Play the rom hack

With the rom hack installed on your Switch, you can now play the modified version of the game. Simply launch the game from the home screen and enjoy the new experience that the rom hack has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all rom hacks compatible with the Switch?

A: No, not all rom hacks are created equal, and some may not be compatible with the Switch’s hardware or custom firmware. Before downloading a rom hack, make sure it is designed specifically for the Switch and is compatible with your version of the game.

Q: Can rom hacks be removed from the Switch?

A: Yes, rom hacks can typically be removed from the Switch by deleting the modified game file from the console’s memory or SD card.

Q: Will using rom hacks on my Switch brick my console?

A: There is always some risk involved when modding or using rom hacks on any gaming console, including the Switch. However, if you follow the recommended guidelines and only use trusted sources for your rom hacks, the risk of bricking your console is relatively low.


In conclusion, rom hacks can offer Switch owners a way to breathe new life into their favorite games and can be a great way to extend the lifespan of your console. However, it’s important to understand the legal implications of using rom hacks and to proceed with caution when modding your Switch.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and using trusted sources for your rom hack patches, you can safely and easily add custom content to your Switch games and enjoy a whole new level of gaming fun.