Ikea Changing Table Hack

Ikea Changing Table Hack: Affordable and Creative Solutions for Every Parent


You may have seen the Ikea changing table in every nursery. It is a reliable, affordable, and functional piece of furniture that parents love. However, as much as it serves its purpose, the Ikea changing table may not be the most stylish or personalized furniture piece. But fear not, as many parents have come up with ingenious ways to hack their Ikea changing tables and transform it into a unique and personalized piece for their baby’s nursery.

In this article, we will show you some of the most popular Ikea changing table hacks that can elevate the style and functionality of your nursery without breaking the bank.


Why Hack your Ikea Changing Table?

Before we start looking at the hacks, let’s first understand why hacking your Ikea changing table is worth the effort. Firstly, hacking your table allows you to personalize it with your style, which can make your nursery more aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, a customized piece of furniture can be more functional and practical, depending on your needs. Lastly, hacks can often make a product more durable and longer-lasting.

The Traditional Hack: Adding a Touch of Paint

The most straightforward hack for your Ikea changing table would be to add some paint. A quick coat of paint with your chosen color can transform the piece, giving it a more personalized feel while still maintaining its functionality. Be sure to sand the surface properly before painting and opt for child-friendly, non-toxic paint. You can also add stenciled or hand-painted designs to finish off the customization.

Adding Shelves for Additional Storage

If your nursery is space-limited, then adding shelving units would be an excellent hack. You can either fix shelves directly to the side of your Ikea changing table, or you can add freestanding shelving units that sit on the table itself. Opt for shelves with baskets or boxes to keep diaper-changing essentials like wipes and diapers within reach.

Changing the Table Top

Another popular hack is to replace the Ikeas tabletop with a more stylish and durable surface. You can use a marble or granite slab to ensure its durability and longevity, or you can switch the material entirely to something like wood. Ensure that the new top is the same thickness as the original one, or you will need to modify the assembly instructions.

Convert the Ikea Changing Table into an Entertaining Activity Centre

If your toddler is already too big for changing tables, don’t write it off just yet. You can transform it into an entertaining activity centre that gives your little one an interactive learning experience. You can remove the changing pad and replace it with a chalkboard, whiteboard, or even a felt board that kids can stick and play with felt pieces. Make sure you secure any fixtures and materials used to ensure your child’s safety.

The DeskHack

Another great hack is to turn your Ikea changing table into a desk once your baby outgrows it. Start by removing the changing pad and replace it with a wood plank or customized table top. You can add legs that match the wood plank if you opt for this material. Finish off your desk with shelving, either on the wall, leaning against the desk, or directly under the surface. This hack is perfect for maximizing small bedroom or study spaces.

Styrofoam Drawer Organizer

Taking care of a newborn involves a lot of small and often disorganized items, such as cotton swabs, nail clippers, baby spoons, etc. A reliable hack is to use a styrofoam drawer organizer to store these items in an organized way. Cut the styrofoam to size to fit perfectly into one of the drawers, and add multiple compartments to create an organized space.

Stickers and Decals

Another inexpensive hack is to use stickers and decals to personalize your Ikea changing table. You can use anything from vinyl wall stickers to hand-drawn images. Ensure that any stickers are child-friendly and non-toxic.


What is an Ikea Changing Table Hack?

An Ikea changing table hack is a way to customize or personalize your standard Ikea changing table to match your personal style or maximize functionality based on your needs.

What are the benefits of an Ikea changing table hack?

An Ikea changing table hack can be a budget-friendly way to create a more personalized and aesthetically pleasing nursery while also increasing functionality. It can also help to make your furniture piece more durable and long-lasting.

Do I need any special skills to hack my Ikea Changing Table?

Most Ikea changing table hacks are simple and do not require special skills. However, it’s important to follow instructions carefully. If you’re not comfortable with tools or modifications, ask for professional help.


Ikea changing tables are known for their functionality and affordability, but sometimes they can lack personality and style. With a little creativity, hacking your Ikea changing table can be a fun and easy way to personalize and elevate your baby’s nursery while also improving functionality and storage. From adding shelves to replacing the tabletop or turning it into a desk, there are endless ways to transform your Ikea changing table. The possibilities are endless, and the result is always worth the effort.